The Sierra Group

The Sierra Gurdjieff Study Group

We are a State of California nonprofit corporation in contact with other Gurdjieff Foundations worldwide dedicated to the study and preservation of Gurdjieff’s teaching. The Sierra group began in 2010 with one-on-one meetings hosted by Paul Jordan-Smith, a student of the Gurdjieff Work who has participated in Gurdjieff Foundation groups in America and abroad for over fifty years.

Our aim, as a nondenominational and apolitical community of seekers, is to understand the great promise and the great peril of the human condition, in ourselves and in general, and to explore what our practice calls for in today’s world. Our membership includes individuals from a broad range of personal and professional backgrounds. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, we met regularly in Grass Valley for practical work, the exchange of experiences, and the study of the teaching as embodied in Gurdjieff’s legacy of writings, music, and sacred dance. For now, due to the ongoing pandemic, we have been meeting online via Zoom.

We welcome new members who share these interests. For further information, please email Paul by copying and pasting the following address:

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